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It is one thing to toot your own horn, but something else when some speaks for you. Following are unedited testimonials of some of our past clients, many of whom will vouch for us.

  • Positives were the beauty of the country and friendliness of people in general.

    Kristen D

    Witikonerstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland. Trip Date:
    March 25 to April 08,2015

    Hi Anand, Thank you for your email.First if all, let me say that i enjoyed the trip very much.Positives were the beauty of the country and friendliness of people in general.I think a 14 day trip really is worth it and through your choice of sights offers a great insight of the country. I  thought hotels in general were very good and the services of driver and guide as well. The car was always clean and the driving of the driver was very safe and skilful. Tashi always explained the sights we were visiting well. Generally he provided answers to all our questions

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  • Our trip to Bhutan was FABULOUS

    Flora & Norman S

    Sacramento, California, USA Trip Date:
    March 23 to April 02-2015

    Dear Anand - Our trip to Bhutan was FABULOUS. We can't stop talking about it with all of our family and friends.  Bhutan is a magical country. All of our living arrangements were marvellous (especially in Thimbu). We absolutely LOVED our guide, Penjor and our driver, Arum.  We have traveled extensively all over the world, but we have never had a more helpful, sweet guide as Penjor, or a better, safer driver than Arum.  They were truly wonderful. We have absolutely no suggestions to better the trip.  It was all wonderful.  Please give our warmest regards to both.  We congratulate and thank

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  • Definitely recommend Windhorse team to any of my friend who is planning to go to Bhutan.

    Hoa, Kent & Miki

    USA Trip Date:
    March 28 to April 7,2015

    Dear Yonten, We've had the most memorable trip in Bhutan. Please send our thanks to the Windhorse team behind  the scene who makes sure that our trip is safely arranged and well-organised. We are specially thankful to Kinley and Tshewang for a wonderful trip, they always went beyond our expectations to make sure that we enjoy the trip the most, from small little things like buying newspapers everyday for me, borrowing scarfs for all of us, driving with at most care, to trying to give us a taste of true Bhutanese cuisine. They are very professional at work and we found

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  • Thank you, we are impressed by your welcome and services.

    Nisarat & Friends

    Bangkok Trip Date:
    April 11 - 15 April, 2015

    Dear Kinga - Now we have been arrived Bangkok safely.Thank you so much for your hospitality, we enjoyed and had memorable experiences during our recent trip.We believe that you will pass our thanks to Karma and Dawa. Karma is expert in Bhutan history and religion. He can explain deeply without tiredness.Dawa is a good driver with excellent driving skill.We are very appreciated their services. Anyway, there are some tiny points we would like to share you for better service next time. 1. Food at Punatsangchhu Cottage was not provided punctually. Dinner should be started at 7.00 p.m. as confirmed but it's late around 15-30 minutes,

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  • Highly recommend Windhorse to anyone wishing to travel to Bhutan

    Ms. Martin Kniep G.O.

    Jackson Heights, New York, USA Trip Date:
    March 24 to April 3,2015

    The trip in Bhutan was truly magical. Sonam was a fabulous guide and both him and our driver had the best attitude and smiles. We enjoyed every minute of our journey in Bhutan. I especially liked having the opportunity to visit a school and attending two different festivals as well as a flower exhibit. I found your staff very accommodating and sensitive to our needs, including taking us to a café so we could have a more varied menu when we complained about eating much of the same food throughout the trip. I will highly recommend Windhorse to anyone wishing to travel

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  • Bhutan is an amazing country, whose people, beliefs, kindness and true caring is hard to find when travelling nowadays.

    Geraldine & Ronald L

    Spiritwood, Saskatchewan, Canada Trip Date:
    March 26 to 13,April, 2015

    Bhutan is an amazing country, a country whose people, beliefs, kindness and true caring is hard to find when's travelling nowadays. It is a country that is a perfect holiday for anyone with the right tour company to make the arrangements, we travelled with Wind Horse Tours, they are amazing!!!, going above and beyond. My husband and I travelled for 3 weeks in Bhutan, we travelled in the East to start, attending the Gomphu Kora festival, then we went on a six day trek to Merak and Sakteng. The trek was more than words can describe!!! We were looked after like

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  • Rachael & Family with local family in one of the village
    Wind horse Tours has made our trip to Bhutan truly unforgettable.

    Rachel Tang Grantham Family

    South Horizons, Hong Kong. Trip Date:
    March 30-April 08,2015

    TID-8731, Village Tours of Western Bhutan, March 30 -April 08, Guide Wind horse Tours has made our trip to Bhutan truly unforgettable. From my first correspondence with Mr. Jambay via email to our arrival in Bhutan, everything was absolutely outstanding in terms of organisation and professionalism. The response Mr. Jambay gave was immediate and positive and Windhorse Tours managed our expectations exceedingly well. From the accommodation to the itinerary, to the hotels and meals, Wind horse Tours was considerate and extremely proactive in thinking ahead and being immaculately organised. As we were travelling with two children with allergies, Wind horse asked for

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  • Bumthang Owl trek was the highlight of the trip

    Jeans & Bryan Enis

    Preston, chevy chase, Maryland, USA Trip Date:
    March 04 -17,2015

    Hello Anand - Firstly,  we want to tell you how amazing our guide was!  Duba really made our trip.  He was professional, punctual, knowledgeable, kind, and exceptionally friendly.  For example, our guide would always rush to open our door, carry our handbags, and would ask us how we were feeling. Other positive factors were: -The Chumey nature valley resort was exceptional -The trek was very beautiful and a highlight of our trip -The fertility temple was very interesting -Our driver was safe and curteous Some negatives: -The food was redundant so in Thimphu Duba was able to give us more western food recommendations like Cloud 9 and Ambient

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  • A wonderful experience in Bhutan

    Hsin Tu Tsai

    Wenhua, Guishan District, Taoyuan City,Republic of China Trip Date:
    March 22-29, 2015

    Dear Anand - We had a wonderful experience in Bhutan.  The guide and driver were friendly and helpful, giving us a glimpse at Bhutanese culture. We were satisfied with the arrangement of accommodation and food. However, the food was a little bit too salty and invariable for us. We would expect some alternative choices of food styles, especially in Thimphu. But overall, we really appreciated the trip and all the works you had done for us. Thanks a lot! Sincerely, Hsin Tu Tsai - TID - 8732, Introduction to Bhutan, March, 22-29,2015. Guide Leki

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  • Huge appreciation towards Wind Horse and your staff.

    Charles H. L

    Park Row, New York, USA Trip Date:

    Jambay - Several weeks have passed since the group I participated with in Bhutan, said goodbye to that Beautiful country and that team of Guide and Driver Wind Horse provided. I write this day, to satisfy my own need to express the huge appreciation I continue to experience towards Wind Horse and your staff. Sonam and Dawa most assuredly provided the finest of experiences I could ask for. You may recall, that I asked to arrive some days prior to the others in the group as to honor my own interests when entering a country that I am a stranger to. The journey

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