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It is one thing to toot your own horn, but something else when some speaks for you. Following are unedited testimonials of some of our past clients, many of whom will vouch for us.

  • Jummi T. R. JL. KH Makassar Sulsel Indonesia Trip Date:
    Feb 23, 2015

    TID 8737 (23 feb - 1 March) 2015 Guide - Pema Dhendup. Dear Windhorse Travel. I wrote this on behalf of my family Jummi Tandung Raya : "Your service is very nice and kind. Your tour provide me any equipment and tools needed, including instant noodle, drink and some medicine when I am sick. They also want me to speak with the owner, Mr.Tsering but because my english is not very good so I refuse it. haha We will see you soon in our travel to Bhutan." Thank you sir

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  • Claire W ( Merak & Sakten Trek) Denmans, Elstead Trip Date:
    Oct 24, 2014

    TID - 772 (Oct 21 - Nov 07, 2014) Guide - Dorji Tshering

    Dear Anand, Apologies for such a delayed reply. The Merak and Sakten trip was incredible, I daydream about my time in Bhutan all the time now when I should be working!

    The driver, Chimi, and guide, Dorji, were friendly and welcoming and extremely hardworking - I feel very grateful to have met them. Our trek team were brilliant and so friendly. and The communities of Merak and Sakten were so special - I will never forget my time there. I am very interested in plants and birds so

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  • Sandakhphu trek
    Micheal Blondel & Group (Sandhakphu Trek) Paul Huvelin Sainte Foy les Lyon, France Trip Date:
    Oct 31, 2014

    TID 8529 (31 Oct to Nov 15) 2014 - Blondel Group -Sandakphu trek (Guide Anthony)

    After a former trip in the Annapurnas in Nepal, our group of 6 friends wanted to spend some time in discovering the Indian Himalaya. We have been travelling for a little more than a fortnight with your company, and we have achieved a nice trip at the nepalese boarder, nearby the majestuous Kanchenjunga.

    Two parts had been pointed in the program we had dealt with you: one as trekking on Singalila range, the other as visiting the old buddhist temples of the former Sikkim

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  • Micheal & Jane Cipra (Samtegang Winter Trek) Eureka, California, USA. Trip Date:
    Feb 24, 2015

    TID - 8627 (Feb 24 - March 7,2015) Guide Kinley

    Hi Anand,

    Thanks for the reminder to share a few thoughts that you can use on the Wind Horse website. To clarify, we'd prefer not to use any picture of us, but you can use our names and the following text. Here you go:

    We've taken two tours to Bhutan with Wind Horse, and both were amazing, spectacular, inspiring, and unforgettable journeys.  My wife and I love to hike, and Wind Horse helped us put together itineraries where we could explore both the nature and culture of Bhutan on

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  • Richard and Janet 2
    Richard and Janet Trip Date:
    Feb 15, 2015

    TID 8680 (Walking Tour ) Feb - 15 to Feb 28 (Guide Yeshi Penjor)

    Hello -  We enjoyed our trip to Bhutan so much that it is difficult to find the proper way to talk about it with friends and family.   The people everywhere were so gracious most especially our guide Yeshi and driver Tashi who both were always early for each day's excursion and were easy going, confident, and interesting in sharing their knowledge of life in Bhutan with us.  The country was breathtaking, all the history and lessons on Buddism were so helpful in

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  • Dr. Darla Shaw Barrack Hill Rd., Ridgefield, Ct.

    Just wanted to commend your company and our guide, Yeshi and driver, Dawa, on the well planned program that you developed for your guests. Our days were filled with wonderful activities and no question went unanswered. We truly both saw and understood the culture and would highly recommend your company and these two employees in the future. Not only did Yeshi and Dawa lead our tour, they also became our friends and helped us when we had trouble with the ATM, taking certain climbs, and focusing on our special interests. For example, my husband loves archery and Yeshi and

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  • Kathleen W (Bhutan) USa

    TID 8575 India, Bhutan & Nepal Tour( Bhutan Portion)

    Dear Mr Kinga Dechen and Mr Rinzin Jamtsho, Bhutan is amazing. We were so far removed from our reality while we were there that I couldn't stop being excited for one minute of my stay. I have never been in such a nationally reverent and devout country, and am so grateful that I got to experience it. On top of that, we had the most wonderful guide (Nim Drugyel) who made our trip really interesting and fun. The sites we visited became even more significant because of his knowledge and

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  • Kathleen W (India) USA

    TID 8575 India, Bhutan & Nepal Trip (India Portion)

    However delayed, I wanted to let you know what an amazing time we had on our trip in India with Wind Horse. Everything my husband had on his list of things he wanted to do and see was planned for and it was apparent to us that every representative we encountered from Wind Horse was intent on making sure that we were happy, and having the experience we wanted to have. Your country is amazing. Some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen are there, and I discovered

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  • Peter Wright Santa Barbara ,California USA

    My partner and I recently participated in the Windhorse Tour to Bhutan, Sikkim and Darjeeling. We had a marvelous time. We were both extremely impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of our Bhutanese Guide, Sonam. And our bus driver, Arun, did an amazing job keeping us all safe amidst the traffic on the curving mountain roads. Our guide in Sikkim and Darjeeling was excellent as well. Plus, the Windhorse office staff was efficient and did all they could to make the appropriate arrangements for the trip in a timely fashion. I am so pleased that we chose

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  • Irina & Ruslan Petain Rd,Singapore. Trip Date:
    Aug 16, 2014

    Dear Anand,

    We really enjoyed the trip and organization despite the fact that my husband got sick the second day we arrived.

    Within the highest positive experiences are flexibility of the the itinerary and the way our trip was promptly rearrange when we missed the flight. I also have to mention our guide a - un-bothering personality and great knowledge about the country, traditions and Buddhism.

    Scenery/sightseeing was covered well. As for the suggestions - it would have been nice to see local culture - dancing/singing, maybe some performances. We spotted some kind of the dancing in the hotel in the last

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