Balthali Eco Hill Resort

Balthali, Nepal

Balthali Eco Hill Resort lies 42 km South-East of Kathmandu and just beyond Panauti and Khopasi which very rich in cultural and natural beauty. Our resort sits on top of a hill which lies in Nepane (local name) under Balthali Village development committee. the resort is a small, cozy retreat with birds eye view of green terrace, Panauti village and glimpses of the snowy Himalayan peaks in the North. It offers a sunrise in the east, speculating Himalayan range of Manaslu, Langtang and Everest Range in the North, innumerable rice terraces in West, green forest and Mahabharata range in the South.

Balthali village is famous a soft multi-day hike for the Family, individuals and groups. You could start and end in Kathmandu, meandering past Buddhist temples and rural hamlets. Overall, this is a relaxing area to trek and remains relatively uncrowded compared to more popular routes in Nepal.