Drive to Thimphu

The drive from Phuentsholing to Thimphu(174kms/5-6hrs) goes across spectacular landscape with waterfalls, small villages and towns and with constantly changing vegetation. The road ascends towards Rinchending leaving Phuentsholing, just before arriving to Rinchending check point is the Kharbandi Gompa, a small monastery built by Royal Grandmother in 1967, the view of Phuentsholing town and the adjoining plains of India is spectacular from here. From Rinchending the road climbs up and goes through a series of switchback at Sorchen than to Kamji and through the misty areas of Jumja and Gedu. From Gedu the drive goes along the ridge and after Takti chu descends to Wangkha and crosses the Wang chu. From here it is a gradual climb to Chimkothi, form here the road passes through the villages of Bunakha and Chapcha and descends to Chunzom, here the road diverge, one leads to Paro and the other goes along the river bank until Thimphu. bifurcate