One of the wettest places on the planet

Only recently it lost its title for ''the wettest place on earth" Cherrapunje is 52 km southwest of Shillong. Cherapunjee was the official headquarters of the British for the Khasi and Jaintia Hills from 1839 to 1866. The old name was Sohra, mispronounced by the British as Cherra Punjee, which means 'wealth' in Bengali, was suffixed to the word Cherra. The area is rich in mineral resources like lime stone and coal. There used to be trade between the Khasis and Bengalis of the plains of Syllhet even before the arrival of the British.
Places of interest in and around Cherrapunjee include (1) Ramakrishna mission which has a museum with Khasi / Garo / Jaintia artifacts (2) Nohkalikai falls which is said to be the fourth highest falls in the world (3) Nohsngithiang falls (Mawsmai falls) (4) Mawsmai limestone caves.

Cherrapunjee is one of the wettest places on earth and has a record of receiving 1041 mm of rainfall (41 inches) in a single day (24 hours) in 1876. This is a world record. It gets an average rainfall of 11,000 mm annually most of which falls between June to September (southwest monsoons).