Kabi Lungchok

Kabi Lungchok is a small town in North Sikkim about 17kms away from Gangtok. This was where the friendship and blood brotherhood treaty was signed between the Lepcha chief Thekong Tek and the Tibetan king, Khye Bumas representing the Bhutias. The literal meaning of Kabi Lungchok is “stone erected by our blood”. The location of the treaty is marked by stone pillars and a place of worship.

This historical place is 17 kms away from Gangtok on the North Sikkim Highway. It is where the blood brotherhood between the Lepcha cheif Te- kung Tek and Bhutia cheif Khey Bhumsa was signed ritually. The spot wherer the ceremony took place is marked by a memorial stone pillar and lies amidst the cover of dense forest.