capital of Nagaland

Kohima is a laid back, typical Asian mountain town at an altitude of 1450m. It is the capital city of Nagaland state with population of around 100,000. The Angami, Rengma and Zeliangrong communities mainly inhabit Kohima district. Kohima has pleasant climate throughout the year.
Its main attraction is its war cemetery (still dutifully maintained by the British) on the battlefield of the Japanese army's furthest advance into India some 60 years ago. In the museum you can see some of the rare Naga artifacts. The catholic cathedral at Aradura hill is one of the biggest cathedrals in North-east India and an important landmarks of Kohima. Other notable attraction in Kohima is the local market or bazaar, hosting a wide array of Naga delicacies such as wasp larvae, grubs, dogs, pig brains, eels and other assorted snacks.

Attractions in Kohima, around and from Kohima

  • Khonoma Village Khonoma, Angkami Naga’s main village is 20km west of Kohima. It is a hilltop community clinging to the slopes above the rice terraces. Khonoma is renowned for its cult of courage. Khonoma gate tells

  • Kohima village Kohima village, also known as Barra Basti is said to be one of the largest and populous villages in Asia with about 4000 households. It is divided into four Khels, a distinct Naga institution that bri