Kozhikode (earlier known as Calicut)

Once the capital of the powerful Zamorin rulers of North Kerala and a prominent trade and commerce centre, Calicut was the most important region in Kerala in ancient times. The great voyager, Vasco Da Gama, landed here in 1498 putting it on the world map and paving the way for the west and for the many traders and invaders who followed suit. The lush green countryside, serene beaches, historic sites, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, hills, a unique culture and a warm friendly ambience make Kozhikode a very popular destination. Its busy fishing ports and legendary boat-building yards are other great attractions.

Attractions in Kozhikode (earlier known as Calicut), around and from Kozhikode (earlier known as Calicut)

  • Beypore Beypore, which is one of ancient Kerala’s prominent maritime centres, is famous for its boat-building yards. They are legendary for building ships for many great sea admirals including Admiral Nelso

  • Fishing Port The busy bustling Kozhikode fishing port, with fresh catches being unloaded from fishing vessels, makes for an interesting visit.

  • Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary The estuary at Kadalundi is a haven for migratory birds. Terns, gulls, herons, sandpipers, whimbrels and other birds flock to this place in November and leave again in April.

  • Kallai This was once the second largest timber trading centre in Asia. A steel bridge built by the British is still intact here.

  • Kappad This is the historic beach where Vasco Da Gama landed in 1498 with 170 men. A monument on the beach commemorates the event. There is also an 800-year-old temple on the rock studded beach.

  • Kozhikode Beach A favourite of sunset viewers, where the old world charm is retained in the old lighthouse and the two crumbling piers, each more than 100 years old.

  • Sweet Meat Street Sweet Meat Street is the busiest street in Kozhikode and derives its name from the many sweetmeat stalls that line the street.