The traditional markets of Kathmandu.

If you are in Kathmandu and want to see the traditional bazaars(markets), then Asan and Indrachowk is an excellent place to pass through. It is a traditional market where you can get everything you need. Asan and Indrachowk are traditional markets and a residential square in the heart of Kathmandu. Asan is the junction of six streets where you will be overwhelmed by the activities taking place since dawn till sunset. The junction takes life with vegetable ladies in saris, rickshaws, children, food stalls, animals and shops had emerge from the ground beneath. One of the street leads to Indrachowk towards the Hanuman Dhoka Palace. Both the sides of the street are packed with assorted shops selling metal vessels, ceramic pots, vegetables, grains, garments, handicrafts, pashminas, rugs and so on. Rickshaws, motorbikes, cycle riders, street vendors, pedestrian all will be pushing one another to make their way. It is very interesting to stroll in this traditional market. After a tour of Kathmandu Durbar Square, it’s a good idea to stroll from Indrachowk to Assan and take the street that leads you towards the touristic Thamel area.