Twenty Thousand Lake

Bis Hajari Tal(20,000 lakes) is an extensive oxbow lake system situated in the southern corner of Bharatpur within the Chitwan National Park. As the name suggests the lake comprises of several small and big lakes and is a designated Ramsar site. This lake area is an ideal destination for birdwatchers as one can find several species of bird including the white-rumped vulture, Pallas's fish-eagle, lesser adjutant, ferruginous duck and many other exotic migratory Siberian birds during the winter. The lake area is also home to mugger and gharial crocodiles. Deer, wild boar, leopards, monkeys, rhinos and even the Royal Bengal tiger can be seen at the waterhole around the lakes. The Bees Hazari lake can be easily accessed from Sauraha or Bharatpur, you can either take a jeep ride or rent a bicycle.