The historic town of Newars

Kirtipur-the town of Glory is one of the many places within the valley that despite being close from Kathmandu has remained isolated and unexplored. Spread in 14 hectares of land, Kirtipur is located 5 km from the center of Kathmandu. The town is an ancient town with remarkable historical values and ethics. It is still an open museum of religion, culture and tradition including glorious work of Newar’s crafts and architecture. The town is not only of historic importance but is also important from the artistic point of view. Some of the finest temples, Chaityas and Stupas of valley are scattered through this typically built Newar City. Surrounded by stone sculptures, masterpieces of Nepalese art, these shrines are the hub of festivals and religious ceremonies. Kirtipur has two famous temples of Kathmandu Valley. Baghbhairav temple and Uma-Maheshwar temple.