The temple of Avlokiteshwara

The temple of Machchhendranath is another center of attraction in Patan. The temple lies in the middle of a wide spacious quadrangle just at the outer rim of the market place. The temple has a protected metal fence with 4 doorways that are protected by stone lions on the ground floor. Yeti like demons can be found carved in the corners of the temple. In front of the temple premises, one can also find metal structures of animals such as a Garuda, a snake, fish, a lion, a horse and a buffalo.

A fine clay image of Avalokiteshwar or Rato Machchhendranath is housed here for six months every year after which it is taken round the city of Patan in a colorful chariot festival beginning in April-May and lasting sometimes for several months. At the end of this procession the image is kept six months in another temple in Bungamati, and then brought back to Patan similarly.