site where lord Buddha was born

The Maya Devi temple is the spiritual heart of Lumbini, it marks the spot where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama. It houses the Marker Stone, the Nativity Sculpture and the structural ruins, all related to the birth of Lord Buddha. The Marker Stone pinpoints the exact birth spot and the Nativity Sculpture depicts the birth scene of Prince Siddhartha. Beside the temple is the sacred pond called Pushkarini and a sacred garden. Maya Devi is believed to have bathed in this pond before giving birth to lord Buddha.

Archaeological excavations have revealed that the structural ruins belong to the different phases of Mayadevi Temple’s constructions and restorations over the centuries. Emperor Asoka during his visit to Lumbini in 249 century BC, built a platform using the burnt bricks to safeguard the Marker Stone and the Nativity Tree under which Maya Devi had given birth to Prince Siddhartha. The structural ruins inside the temple belong to 6th century BC to 15th century AD. It consists of 15 box chambers arranged in 5 rows in east-west and 3 rows in north-south direction as well as a circumambulatory path surrounded by an outer wall.