The city of beauty

The ancient name of Patan is Lalitpur, meaning city of beauty. It is indeed a city of beauty and grace and is planned on a circular format with Buddhist stupas at each of the four points of the compass. The city is four kilometers south-east of Kathrnandu across the southern bank of the river Bagmati. Like Kathmandu, its most photogenic center of attraction is its Durbar Square complex, situated right in the middle of the market place. The city is full of Buddhist monuments and Hindu temples, with fine bronze gateways, guardian deities also and wonderful carvings. Noted for its craftsmen and metal workers, it is also known as the city of artists. The city is believed to have been built during the reign of Vira Deva in 299 A.D. Some of Patan's more important monuments are as follows: Krishna Temple, Hiranyavarna Mahabihar (Golden Temple), Rudravarna Mahabihar, Mahaboudha, Machchhenranath etc.

Attractions in Patan, around and from Patan

  • Bungmati and Khokana Bungmati is a classic medieval village that lies about 7kms south of Patan. Bungmati is home to one of the most important Gods of the Kathmandu valley, the Rato Machhindranath, the God of rain and com

  • Hiranyavarna Mahabihar This three-storied gold gilded pagoda style Golden Temple or Hiranya Varna Mahavihar of Lokeshwar (Lord Buddha) was built by King Vaskar Dev Varma in the 12th century A.D. It is located in the courty

  • Krishna Temple The temple of Lord Krishna holds a commanding position in Patan's palace complex. Though its style is not wholly native, it is reckoned to be one of the most perfect specimens of the Nepalese architec

  • Kumbheshwar Temple Kumbeshwar temple is one of the tree five storied temples of Kathmandu valley. This five-storied pagoda-style temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Inside the courtyard, there are two hiti ponds. It is b

  • Machchhendranath temple The temple of Machchhendranath is another center of attraction in Patan. The temple lies in the middle of a wide spacious quadrangle just at the outer rim of the market place. The temple has a protect

  • Mahaboudha Temple Located to the south of Patan Durbar Square is the Mahaboudha temple. This is one of the several popular around Patan. This temple is a masterpiece of bricks and tiles. Like the Krishna Mandir, it rev

  • National Botanical Garden The National Botanical Garden is located at Godavari 14Kms south east of Kathmandu in Lalitpur district. It is located at the base of Phulchowki hill, the highest hill surrounding the Kathmandu valley

  • Patan Durbar Square This whole square is a cluster of fine pagoda temples and stone statues; it is at the same time the business hub of the city. At every step one comes across a piece of art or some images of various de

  • Rudravarna Mahabihar Located at a short walk through narrow streets from Patan Durbar Square is the Rudra Varna Mahavihar. This is one of Patan's oldest Buddhist monasteries. Adjacent to the monastery there is a temple th

  • Tibet Refugee Camp An attraction of a different kind is the Tibetan Refugee Camp on the outskirts of Patan. The small Tibetan population living here has set up a number of shrines and stupas as well as several souvenir