capital of ancient Shakya Kingdom

Tilaruakot situated 29km west of Lumbini and 3km northwest of Taulihawa is believed to be the remains of the ancient city of Kapilvastu, the capital of the ancient Shakya kingdom and the childhood home of Prince Siddhartha Gautama. It was in this city of Kapilvastu that Prince Siddhartha spent 29 years of his life in luxury before walking out one night in search of truth.

Excavation has uncovered important archaeological and religious monuments which includes the remains of a huge palace structure, temples, roads, ponds, thick fortress walls and four gates. It is believed that prince Siddhartha walked out of the eastern gate in search of enlightenment leaving behind the luxuries of his palace life.

Some of the artifacts that have been found during the excavations are on display at the nearby Kapilavastu Museum.